SA Rooibos Tea Supplies has a thorough understanding of both local and international markets. We ensure that each of our clients’ specific product and packaging needs are met, while staying attuned to the latest product and packaging trends and innovations.

Offering You Packaging Expertise & Specialist Services

Our dedicated team of industry experts has developed multiple lines of speciality packaging services, specifically structured to ensure that the highest levels of quality and professionalism are maintained.

Our efficient and organised production facilities ensure that our customers’ individual needs are met promptly, with special attention given to their time restraints. Our value-added and customised services are both thorough and flexible, designed to meet any supply chain requirement.

At SA Rooibos Tea Supplies, we source, blend, flavour and package tea according to our clients’ individual specifications and requirements. 

We offer comprehensive


Tea Bag & Display Cartons

Depending on your requirements, we pack 2s’g, 2,25g’s, 3g’s of tea per tea bag. The tea bags are then packed into retail boxes of 50g, 100g or 200g. 

Foil Pouches
We only pack 20 tea bags into each air-tight foil pouch in order to increase shelf life and ensure maximum freshness and flavour.
Single Serving Envelopes
Individual tea bags can be enclosed within paper envelopes with a string and tag. These individually wrapped tea bags are ideal for use in the hospitality industry, as well as for promotional samples.
Loose Leaf Packaging

Fresh tea leaves can be packed into various sizes of cellophane bags (100g, 150g, 250g,  500g, 1kg, etc.) – ideal for use in speciality teashops.

Bulk Tea Packaging
Quality tea leaves can be supplied in 18 kg paper bags or 20 kg polypropylene bags, depending on your preference.
Gift & Speciality Packaging
A selection of exclusive packaging options will ensure that your product stands out from the rest.
Quality Assurance

We supply phytosanitary certificates with each consignment.