Strawberry and Mint, Rooibos Ice Tea

One of the most refreshing things we can think of doing on a hot summer’s day is drinking a tall, cool glass of iced tea!
Enjoy our favorite Strawberry and Mint, Rooibos Ice Tea recipe.
Preparation: 5 minutes
Serves: 6-8 glasses
What you need:
4 Rooibos Strawberry flavoured tea bags.
500ml boiling water.
250ml sparkling water/lemonade, chilled.
1.5 liter jug of ice, to serve.
Fresh mint leaves and fresh strawberries.
How to make it:
Place the Rooibos Strawberry flavoured tea bag into the jug, add boiling water and stir to combine and allow to steep for 4 minutes
Remove the teabag and pour the tea over the ice.
In the serving jar, add the sparkling water/lemonade, fresh mint leaves and strawberries.
Serve immediately and enjoy!
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